Re: virus: The other

Marie L. Foster (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 23:22:21 -0800


>In establishing a meme replacement for the current evolved system, what
>are the requirements?
>1> Self defense or escape? = reason for suspicion
>2> Communication? = testing
>3> Decision making process? = Acceptance or rejection

I share your concerns about the motivation of others. Yet I would prefer
to live in a world without this kind of fear. While I know that is not
realistic in our current world with its violence I still believe in the
inherent goodness of people.

Again, I ask the question not to suggest that I would allow a threat to
myself, but to stimulate thinking into how we can engineer possible changes
to the memes that lead to violent behaviors. Is it best to try to heal at
the foundation of the belief or from the surface results?

Certainly this is not new thinking. Even if one looks at the bible or
other ancient texts one sees that these issues were viewed as fundamental
to understanding human behaviors.

Marie L. Foster