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William Roh (
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 11:30:44 -0800

Marie L. Foster wrote:
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> >In establishing a meme replacement for the current evolved system, what
> >are the requirements?
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> >1> Self defense or escape? = reason for suspicion
> >2> Communication? = testing
> >3> Decision making process? = Acceptance or rejection
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> I share your concerns about the motivation of others. Yet I would prefer
> to live in a world without this kind of fear. While I know that is not
> realistic in our current world with its violence I still believe in the
> inherent goodness of people.

Here is where we differ, i do not think humans or humanity have goodness
as a natural trait, but a forced one. I see humans as an animal
interested first in self preservation and fullfilment of wants and
desire (with the obvious coding to protect young) i do not think most
people are past this point and most human action is simply complicated
versions of selfishness. I would prefer to live in a less violent world
also, but i don't see how.

> Again, I ask the question not to suggest that I would allow a threat to
> myself, but to stimulate thinking into how we can engineer possible changes
> to the memes that lead to violent behaviors. Is it best to try to heal at
> the foundation of the belief or from the surface results?

I would like to eliminate and help combat the violence meme - violence
genes too. I do think that to deal with violence it is best to start at
the foundation. The Bible, Koran and Torah are all very violent and pro
violence. They encourage genocide and murder in many, many passages. In
the old testament, deception is openly rewarded by God.

> Certainly this is not new thinking. Even if one looks at the bible or
> other ancient texts one sees that these issues were viewed as fundamental
> to understanding human behaviors.
> Marie

not just fundamental, but necessary.