Re: virus: The other

William Roh (
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 10:27:41 -0800

Brett Lane Robertson wrote:
> > I say that Sodom has chosen to view certain types of evidence and
> > ignore others. He has located himself in the physical and is waiting for
> > "proof" from a certain type of scientist using certain types of
> > electro-mechanical devices.
> If you consider speculation as evidence, then yes, i ignore that
> evidence. the rest is correct. (Sodom)
> List,
> I say that--whether photo, electronic signal, enhanced reflected light rays,
> or graphical drawing--everything (other than direct experience) is
> "speculation".

I would say the opposite, Direct experience is speculation and the
others are not. I do not trust my direct experience, or that of any
other individual. I have much more confidence in data verified over and
over by many different people, at different times and places.