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Reed Konsler (
Sat, 15 Nov 1997 01:22:05 +0100

>Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 09:57:30 -0700
>From: David McFadzean <>
>Proceeding before we agree on a definition of "faith" is
>going to cause more frustration and confusion than it is
>worth. Is it unreasonable to request that we either agree
>to my definition or come up with a different word? Are
>there any other options?

The one you have written in "Sins and Virtues"?
David, Hell will freeze over...


How about this:

Logic: A formal system of relationship between elements.
Good: A desired state.
Truth: An inevitable outcome.

Rational: Consistent with a logic.
Irrational: Contrary to a logic.

Reasonable: Consistent with a good.
Unreasonable: Contrary to a good.

Valid: Consistent with a truth.
Invalid: Contrary to a truth.

Faith: A belief which is held to be valid and reasonable, without regard to
it's rationality. A belief independent of any logic.

That approximates your defintion of faith, minus the negative evangelism.
You are welcome to change anything you like, as long as you recognize
that I will take issue with any alteration that I feel casts a negative
connotation upon faith. My client is innocent until proven guilty
by a jury of it's peers.

(By the way, could you stop calling me "brother Reed". I suspect it is
not a sign of respect, given the context. ;-) )


Reed Konsler