virus: Logic and happiness

David McFadzean (
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 11:53:07 -0700

At 01:48 AM 11/15/97 +0100, Reed Konsler wrote:

>That isn't what I meant. I recommend ways of thinkinging that
>I have found useful in the past...but I would rather people

Just what do you think I am doing if not recommending ways
of thinking that I have found useful?

>were happy in themselves than like me. I think that the world
>would be a better place *for me* if people we happier than
>if they were more logical. Frankly, I can deal with irrational

People are unhappy when they make stupid mistakes. Rationality
allows one to avoid making regrettable decisions, therefore
people would be happier if they were more rational.

>people's angry, unhappy, confused and anxious
>people that I find difficult...and some of them are the most

They don't sound very rational to me, unless there is a *good
reason* they should be angry, unhappy, confused and anxious.

>>- - I don't believe you would encourage every decision and
>>belief, good and bad.
>I didn't say I encourage particular decisions or beliefs...I
>do sometimes, but only as a compromise. I said I encouraged
>people to be happy with their lives. In my experience, being
>happy with your decisions involves a sober assesment of the
>likely consequences of them prior to their initiation. That is

Hmm, this sounds a lot like what I am recommending. What do
you suppose "sober assessment of the likely consequences" entails?

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