RE: virus: Holographic Technology.

Robin Faichney (
Sat, 15 Nov 1997 14:15:29 -0000

> From: Christopher Whipple[]
> One attribute, however, that scientists have found most interesting,
> is
> that the "microcosm is the macrocosm" - that is, each part of the
> holographic plate holds the same amount of data as the whole thing.
> That
> is to say, if you broke one in half, you'd have two plates that would
> each
> on their own give you the same result as the first full plate...
> ... I forgot to
> mention that there will be some distortion involved. You can't just
> break
> a plate into a million pieces and expect each one to retain full
> information...
Each piece will contain the whole scene, but at a
lower level of definition. Putting them back
together gives, not a bigger picture, but a more
detailed one.

Hi Chris, you weren't born when I started college
-- and that was after working full-time for 7 years!
Ah well, it's OK with me, if it's OK with you... :-)