virus: Re: virus-digest V2 #303

Reed Konsler (
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 00:13:39 +0100

>It would seem like Reed is being redundent (perhaps with a purpose in mind)
>when he says that faith is not rational OR logical. He has already said
>that to be rational is to be logical...So, by saying faith is *not* rational
>he has already said not "logical" unless he establishes a distinction
>between the two words. Therefore, I assume that there is a personal gain in
>saying that faith is not "logical" (and that this personal gain is a
>manipulation of the emotional attachment people typically assign to the word
>"logical"...which when loosely defined might apply to science and not
>religion, and which--at the threat of loss--might encourage one to
>frightfully abandon religious systems that show relationships between
>spiritual elements). That is, Reed is trying to encourage people to abandon
>spiritual logic for fear of not being seen as "logical".

Actually, the purpose was to make sure that it was obvious I considered
logical and rational to be synonyms. I thought that was significant, for
instance, becuase I don't think that logic, good, and truth are synonymous.
Just getting David to accept that as a possibility is like pulling
I thought it was better redundant than misunderstood.

But, I found your hypothesis interesting enough that perhaps I will
adopt it. I'll have to think about it some though.


Reed Konsler