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Sat, 15 Nov 1997 09:50:24 -0800

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>> >I must admit that the early part of the Universe's history is
>> difficult
>> >to conceive of, for me anyways. I don't have trouble with "life from
>> >none living matter though". Why do you have trouble with that?
>> >
>> >Sodom
>> I do not have any problem with it. It is creation at work. We are
>> the
>> best creators that we know of. I contend this is why we have defined
>> God
>> in our own image. Ironic.
>Traditionally, Buddhism views the cosmos as eternal.
>On a purely factual level, that may be as wrong as
>seeing it as God's creation, but it seems much more
>healthy to me. There's a theory that all the dualistic
>Western thinking typified by Descartes derives from
>this artificial distinction between creator and created,
>the mechanism and the maker, body (mechanism)
>and soul (what matters to the Maker). The great
>advantage of the Buddhist view in this context is that
>we are identified not with a transcendant God, but
>with reality as a whole, outside of which there is

I have tried to resolve this conflict in my own muddled East/West way as to
think of GOD as everything. I no longer view there being any 'out there'
or 'in here'. In this view it does not matter how I have managed to
separate myself from the whole, only that it is my intense desire to no
longer live the myth of the 'other'. When I see a tree, I know that I am
in the tree and the tree is in me. How can I harm anything that is me?

No knowledge we have of how our existence works is bad as we reveal more of
the wonder of the all. In fact, every discovery in physics seems to hammer
home the idea that the energy at the heart of everything is the same

When I close my eyes, I hear you talk to me. I continue to talk to my
Father and Mother even though they died a number of years ago because their
essence is a part of me as well.

Was it not Buzz Lightyear who said, "to eternity and beyond." That sums it
up nicely for me.


Marie L. Foster