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Wade T.Smith (
Sat, 15 Nov 97 18:06:39 -0500

>Minds do not exist? They are not

Well, OK. Verify one.

And while I am quite convinced we as humans have this thing called 'mind', I make no attempt to verify it. I can saunter through a museum and show myself evidence of it's workings, but I make no attempt, due to the futility of the task, to verify it.

Perhaps I am forcing a narrow role for 'verify'. Perhaps not.

Finding a 'mind' before finding a 'meme' is an equally daunting task.

Of course, there is always the complexity solution. Namely, once a brain is as complex as ours, 'mind' happens.

And the mębius solution- Only a 'mind' could wonder about itself.

And the Chomsky parallel- Once complex enough to form 'mind', language happens.

Then again, there's always theology- 'Ain't god wonderful?'

And the Symbolist's Axiom- Once something is described, it is.

The last two are especially useless for verification... which may explain their wide use.

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