virus: Computer Virus

Wophet (
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 18:15:44 +0100

Hello you all,

I guess something went wrong here. Or?
I hoped to find this computer virus list helping me with brain x,
Tremor B and No-Smoking, all at once.
Instead I am finding you lucifer/virus dudes.
When I am listening (actually skimming for keywords) to some of your
messages and www pages, then I am wondering what in the world you
have eyes for.
You critize ALL OVER and claim to have some Web Site honors and whine
about bad experiences on and on and say love is what!
Hey, in case you have not figured out yet, nobody on this planet is
is sole theory person! You are having already a life and I am sure
you did not contribute a dime to the costs of your body (about $7
material). So somebody has given it to you, magicians. No, your
parents are in the same seat! Trace it all back and live.


Tell me on how many different mailinglists
YOU are on, and then I am telling you the
scope of life. ;)