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Wade T.Smith (
Sun, 16 Nov 97 15:02:21 -0500

>Wade's position is apparently- 'Ain't Wade wonderful?'

Well, we're all wonderful. That's always been my position. I do not think
anyone is more wonderful than others, so I rant against levels and
holiness. I'll admit to an inkling of pride in a certain cleverness,
perhaps wit....

>By the way, Wade, don't you think definition should
>come before verification - or would that entail
>acknowledging a role for philosophy?

Hmmm. No. I am quite sure something could be verified without any status
definitionally. I do not need a definition of a wound to see the blood.
(Like in your first sentence....) I am saying that Philosophy _does_ need
definitions first, which _is_ its role perhaps. I acknowledge that, I am
just saying it has no objective, evidential significance. And I certainly
agree it possesses a valid historical perspective.

Besides, it's fun, ain't it?

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