virus: Re: virus-digest V2 #303

Dan DeBellis (
Sat, 15 Nov 1997 18:42:34 -0800

> Dan DeBellis wrote:
>> Sodom wrote:
>> >I also like Tim's last comment about emotion acting counter to reason -
>> >anyone who has ever fallen in love knows that emotion can be as powerful
>> >or more powerful than reason at times. Hopefully we can all learn to
>> >recognize that we have, use, and like emotions, but that they are NOT
>> >accurate representations of reality.

>Let me correct my previous statement, to "absolutely, your emotions are
>an integral part of your personal reality." Not a description of.

>Is that better

Yes...true. Emotions man be an accurate representation/indication of your
personal/internal reality. Emotions may be effected by external reality but
the reverse is not true. In other words emotions (feelings/needs/wishes)
are a good indication of where we are, not the universe. Emotions can act
counter to reason or in support of reason. It seem everyone has emotions
(that is not an option) what we link our emotions to (values/ideas) is.