RE: virus: Faith, Logic and Purpose

Robin Faichney (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 18:34:55 -0000

> From: Wade T.Smith[]
> > Or
> >perhaps to be slightly more accurate, they both
> >developed from pre-modern thinking, in which
> >there is no distinction between "natural
> >philosophy" and any other sort.
> Then I would say that theological (or magickal, or shamanistic, or
> newage, or whatever) thinking is the come-lately subset, not science,
You think science came before magical

Actually, premodern thinking split into
subjectivism and objectivism, and so
both arose at the same time. Both
are incomplete, seeking to deal with
half of reality (subjective stuff or
objective stuff respectively), because
reality doesn't have a nice clear
dividing line down the middle. (And
neither, of course, is it entirely
subjective or entirely objective.)

> which melds nicely with my exploitive economic origin theory about
> religious endeavors.
> Science kept the fire going, but religion allowed the priest to charge
> for it's warmth.
Are fantasies comforting sometimes! :-)