RE: virus: Book recommendation

Brett Lane Robertson (
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 05:46:18 -0500

So a scientific theory is a pattern or story that
matches the rules of science. Sounds good
to me!



By using the word "story" are we saying theory has a beginning, an end, a
theme, a protagonist and an antagonist?

Does this merely "match the rules of science"; or, does this imply that even
those rules are a story which matches the rules of a story above? Further,
is there certain basic themes which are repeated? And does it refer back to
a "master" story in a way that it's *resolution* can be compaired to an ideal?

This last idea is (kind-of) my own. That is, as story telling "apes" are we
telling the story which preceeded the ability to tell stories...that is, are
we telling the "ape" story? My notes indicate that the existence of a
protagonist and an antagonist assumes a prior ideal over which they must
disagree. And also, that the "final" resolution of The Story must be
resolved into a whole which can be no better than a whole over which people
might disagree.

Finally, does the story of "Science" (as opposed to the sub-plot of
"Theory") tell the story of a story (as assumed above)...that is, if science
is about an antagonist/protagonist split concerning a previous ideal, then
does "Philosophy" for example tell us what this ideal is...does "Psychology"
resolve science so that the unified ideal of philosophy might manifest in
spite of (or at the detriment of) "Science"?



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