RE: virus: Theory....

Wade T.Smith (
Tue, 18 Nov 97 08:01:46 -0500

>does "Psychology"
>resolve science so that the unified ideal of philosophy might manifest in
>spite of (or at the detriment of) "Science"?

Well, a philosopher would concur....

A theory is simply that which a scientifically-bound experiment would
falsify or verify.

So- if you have a theory, you should also provide the details of the
experiment to prove it.

Thus my argument against the theory of the meme- where's the experiments?

A conjecture does not require an experiment- most of philosophy resides

The 'thought' experiments of the physicists are carefully constructed
ideas of experiments. There's a good bit of philosophy there....

Once the conjectures of the meme seen here and abouts are distilled to
theories with experiments attached- then memetics will start on the road
to scientific validity. I will not be content until these conditions are
met. (Regardless that no-one cares....) Conjecture is fine for the

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