virus: Memetics as a religion...

Frode Skarstein (
Wed, 19 Nov 97 14:48:21 +0100

Hi there!

I was reccomended to take a peek at your Virus pages, after having gone
official in norway regarding the 'religion' Darwin's Disciples. And after
having looked around a bit, I'm both depressed about having thought that
Darwin's Disciples was something new, but yet happy to see such a nicely
done and full web site.

Maybe you want to add us to your link page. After a while, when I've snuk
through all your links and pages, I'll add yours to my coming link page
on geocities. Impressive collection and presentation of thoughts you've
got on your pages.

Our URL is

Disclaimer: The pages are far from done...I'll want to elaborate and
clarify more on various aspects of life, but life is full of other things
to do.

Frode Skarstein

"[...] It's a fraud. The whole damn animal-welfare and environmental
movement is a fraud, filled with greedy, disloyal individuals who will
say anything, compromise with anybody and do anything to protect their
ass." - Paul Watson, snapping.