RE: virus: Faith, Logic and Purpose

Robin Faichney (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 20:26:45 -0000

> From: Sodom[]
> Robin Faichney wrote:
> > Traditionally, Buddhism views the cosmos as eternal.
> > ... The great
> > advantage of the Buddhist view in this context is that
> > we are identified not with a transcendant God, but
> > with reality as a whole, outside of which there is
> > nothing.
> >
> > Robin
> It seems that Buddhism is good for associating "self" with
> "Universe". I mean that we are obviously a part of the Universe, and
> the
> seperation of the two is folly. But I do not believe that Buddhism is
> any better than any other religion at describing the Universe on a
> physical level.
Despite what Marie says, which reminds me of The
Tao of Physics, I tend to agree with this. In fact,
my own pet project is to supply just this lack in
Buddhism, and at the same time supply science's
lacks as I see them, by showing how the essentials
of each are perfectly compatible with the other.

> I do agree that
> Buddhism is a "better" meme than most though when it comes to things
> of
> a "spiritual" nature.
That conclusion is certainly tempting, but ultimately
the dichotomy is a false one. Both Buddhism and
science are incomplete. IMHO, of course! :-)