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Dan DeBellis (
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 11:42:13 -0800

>> From: Dan DeBellis[]
>> Emotions may be effected by external reality but
>> the reverse is not true.
> >
>What about when you're stimulated to do something
>by an emotion that you would not otherwise have


I simply mean that external reality is not effected by our emotional state
(wishes/desires/wants) directly, it is true our emotions may drive us to act
in a particular way that somehow effects exetrnal reality but the point is
action not thought effects reality, at least in my experience. (although
what consitutes an action is up for definition and I in no way want to
diminish the value of thought) If someone has really experienced otherwise
I'd love to meet them, there are a lot who claimed to, but most are on TV
asking for money. For example: A baby is hungry, it cries for and desires
food, however food doesn't miraculously appear. Its cries may bring a
response from its mother who in turn may cry or do something about it. Its
a simple and obvious point but one I brought up to make the original point
that emotions ultimately reflect one type of reality best..our internal

It has further been my experience that many deny their emotions, which is
denying your current internal reality, which in turn is denying reality.
Although what constitues reality is hard to grasp... In my opinion its never
health to ignore it.