Re: virus: Faith, Logic and Purpose

Wade T.Smith (
Thu, 20 Nov 97 17:48:14 -0500

>If one really looks at animal communities they see much more cooperation
>than competition.

That is quite a statement, as it goes against most everything I have ever
seen or heard about animal behavior. Although it _may_ be an
anthropomophic description of ant/termite/insect societies, it is rare
that animals have 'societies' at all, and when they do, competition is
far from absent. Yes, there are shared and strategic behaviors among
hunting groups, and some instances of group child-rearing, but these are
qualities necessary within a group anyway, they are part of the raison
d'etre of the tribe/pack. Even then, what co-operation do you see in a
pride of lions, (and what co-operation do you see, if any, with others of
their species, not of the pack?), and how is this pre-eminent from the

Culture is, among other things of course, a _plan_ for the future. As
such, AFAIK, it is unique to humans.

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