Re: virus: Faith, Logic and Purpose

Marie Foster (
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 17:05:48 -0800

Wade T. Smith wrote:
> >Wade, what do you vision a life without memes to be like? (Not just for
> >you but for society as a whole.
> >
> >Marie
> Well, that's a good question.
> Do I actually have an answer?
> No, not really.
> And anyway, you're really _not_ going to like it....
> A live without memes would be a consciousness wherein intent equaled
> behavior, and form equaled function.

I can go with form ='s function. I think however, that intent does =
behavior in our current state. What seems to me to be missing is
consciousness of our intentions or taking the time to think though any
action we might take.

> I suppose it would be that ideal sci-fi state of pure energy consciousness,
> like on so many Star Treks and in so many pulp fictions, but I don't know.
> It is also close to the state of satori mentioned in many eastern philosophies.
> It is a at-one-ment, to use Ram Dass.
> It would be a species sans culture, a universal tribe, a humanity without
> borders. Perfection? Perhaps.
> But could the same things result if we as a species all had the same set of
> active memes? Can't see why not. This is, of course, a danger.
> So what is it? Don't know. But like other phrases I seem to like, such as
> 'E=MC^2', and 'Theism is mental inbreeding', and 'Art is never power'- they
> are constructs of creative bon-motism....
> To coin a phrase....

And why would you think I would not like it? You might want to examine
that 'Theism is mental inbreeding' quote as that smacks of atheistic
dogma to me.... but the rest seems pretty nice. However, I don't plan
on waiting for anyone else to catch up. It would be nice to have a
group of people to share this view of nowness, but I only have so many
years before my death wakes me from this dream and while I am in it I
plan on making the most of each now that I have.

To see everything as one thing is very liberating. There is only one
division there and it is purely arbitrary. The division is between the
things I know and the things I do not know. And I intend to spend what
time I have left here making inroads on the latter. Every bit of light
I add to my own darkness enriches me.

May your light shine