RE: virus: Faith, Logic and Purpose

Robin Faichney (
Sat, 22 Nov 1997 19:02:17 -0000

> From: Wade T.Smith[]
> >If you really disagree with that, then you
> >must think you have all the right questions
> >already, so perhaps you would share them
> >with us? :-)
> Yeah- it looks that way, don't it. Language will always be a problem.
> What I mean to say is that looking for answers _is_ the question, and
> that arriving at _questions_ is useless- the work occurs through
> finding
> answers.
Rubbish. Waffle, in fact. Without a well-formed question,
it is impossible to design an experiment to determine the
answer. Science is utterly dependant on the task of
developing good questions, which is philosophical.

> I suppose I am saying that there _are_ no questions. Ultimately. So,
> yes,
> I got a million of 'em.
> Then again, the simple 'why, how, who, when, what?' should suffice,
> followed by 'show me'.
More waffle.

> But then, although not a physicist, I am definitely on the side of
> 'it's
> all physics, anyway'.
No it's not. It's all turtles. All the way down. So there.