Re: virus: Faith, Logic and Purpose

Tim Rhodes (
Sat, 22 Nov 1997 17:35:28 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 19 Nov 1997, David McFadzean wrote:

> >An interesting point, clinicly depressed individuals routinely rate
> >their own personal power and abilities more accurately than non-depressed
> >persons.
> >
> >Truth is not always power.
> Clinically depressed people have chemical imbalances (I think by
> definition), so you may be stretching a bit by drawing some causal
> correlation between truth and depression.

Sorry, not trying to draw a causal link (that's you damn rationalists job
after all :-) but rather make an observation.

Have you ever read Voltaire's very short "The Story of a Good Brahmin"?

-Prof. Tim