RE: virus: Together or Not

Wade T.Smith (
Sun, 23 Nov 97 16:35:28 -0500

>> See just about any tract from Jack Sarfatti.
>OK, I've already seen enough from him, so at this
>point I thrown in the towel.

Well, I didn't really want you to throw in any towel. I still think there
may be some correlation between the (alpha?) state of meditative
(fixated) mental states and the non-active REM dream state. Were we
anywhere close to positing an experiment, even Gedanken?

>I am told, though, that when he sticks to more
>conventional physics, he is extremely good at it.

Yes, he seems to be. And his lectures on 'ordinary' physics are
remarkably lucid and enjoyable. And while his consciousness and
backaction theories are off the wall, they are within the pantheon of
theories this good skeptic allows in the tabernacle. I mean, wha' do we
know, ya know?

>But his ideas on consciousness are off the wall.

But they're fun, ain't they?

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