RE: virus: Together or Not

Wade T.Smith (
Sun, 23 Nov 97 19:30:06 -0500

>Are these sarcastic comments in reference to my use of the word
>"note"...would "notation" keep the wolves at bay?

Can no-one take a joke anymore?

I mean, what the hell?!

Oh well, humorlessness will always be a problem.

It ain't one of mine, though.

However- before you went off the handle, I was ready to consider the
Chaos/Order thing- and also ready for a more controlled and level
response about where and in what 'notes' you found this reference to the
Primary Meme.

But I'll guess I'll have to wait for you and your snit to simmer down.

I've heard a few repetitions of the word 'Om' helps a lot.

And I was about to start the praises of Erebus....

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