RE: virus: Faith, Logic and Purpose

Wade T.Smith (
Mon, 24 Nov 97 19:02:21 -0500

>Really? Consider that "religious" is not an insult coming from my lips,
>only from yours. Are you sure that you understand the question?

No, no, it is not an insult to me either. But skepticism is not a
religion, at least not in the way I and what skeptics I know use it.

However- I did have the reaction that you _were_ using it pejoratively.
My mistake. It may well appear a bit of a religious conviction, but it
ain't. (But do I have 'faith' in it? Yes, in the mild form of the word
recently bandied about... for it has shown its ability, and continues to
do so. No, in any high 'faith' sense, since I have actually seen results.)

And religion is only insulting (to me) when it professes to explain
reality. Otherwise, it makes very nice tales for the fireside.

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