virus: Re: Together or Not

Corey A. Cook (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 17:51:22 -0600

I apologize for confusion, for I worship Her...
I didnít want to antagonize any of you, and I hope that defense
mechanisms can be disarmed and secured. My little rambles rarely
hold information or meaning. What they hold are hooks, to draw out
images and ideas. Perhaps a running commentary will help. Letís
try again:

>I do not allow insects into my "personal Iím trying to get across
>space". It is not that I hold any the idea that insect aversion is
>immediate fear of the little beasties. It a side effect of autonomy, or maybe
>is simply part of the culture I was raised itís the other way around. Constantly
>in, and seeing little harm in it, I make reminding yourself that you are
>no effort to change it. The reason it is separate from bugs will drive a mental
>part of this culture is that not only does space in between you and them.
>it thwart infestation, but it might save
>your life.

>Seeing the universe as divided into "us You see, here I am positing the
>and them" has the drawback of negating idea that autonomy, lack of connection,
>possible benifits from nature, but it has whatever, might have good or useful
>the distinct advantage of removing aspects.
>debilitating influences, such as disease.

> Members of a group that have this And here I am couching my
>mentality will propogate over those that arguments in the theatre of genetic
>do not IF nature holds threats that are evolution and individual survival.
>greater than the advantages. Otherwise, These outcome of this contest, the
>members without this mentality will contest to survive, will determine
> genetically beat out those that do. the traits of the decendants.

> The faults of the world cannot be This is the one snide comment
>laid at the feet of identity. that I made, and I apologize for any
unsettling it might have caused.

Now then, the parts of your responses that interest me...

Marie Foster wrote:
>There is a great difference between personality - identity
>and the kind of autonomy that eliminates the ability to see our
>connectedness to the *not us*.

>I still believe that when we truly see that we are not
>separated from any aspect of the universe... and yes this
>includes insects...* then we will be able to see how we
>really fit into it all.

(sorry beforehand if this is out of context, but these two
sections seemed connected.)
Iím sorry, but I donít feel the same. I just donít have
any evidence for the kind of autonomy you talk about. I
donít see identity eliminating the ability to see a connection.
I see people, with identities, not seeing the connection.
The identity doesnít stop them. You just have to point it out.

And Robin Faichney wrote:
>Sorry, but thinking that identifying with others
>means letting them overrun you seems like
>sheer silliness to me.

Me too. Iím just showing an instance where seperation can
give biological, if not emotional, benifits. I do identify with
the insects that I kill. They are biological entities, like myself,
ultimatly just trying to survive. However, their survival might
inhibit mine, so: do unto them before they have a chance to do it

Robin also wrote:
>> The faults of the world cannot be laid at the feet of identity.
> Most or all inter-personal conflict can.

I agree that aspects of identity and other parts of reality are the
leading causes of inter-personal conflict. However, I disagree that
the fact of identity, of me, of the ďIĒ operating system, is the cause
of these problems, or that some method of dissolving of the operating
system would solve these problems.

Corey A. Cook