RE: virus: Together or Not

Brett Lane Robertson (
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 01:14:44 -0500

I for one am curious as to what you did mean by note. Was this part of a
college class or some reading you did. And you must lighten up. I think
many of us here are overburdened with this strange way of looking at words
and getting mental pictures. I did the same. I sort of had this view of
you back at the beginning of time taking notes... Since I have never met
you, this was quite an amusing picture. But it was not meant to be at your



I have a hard time conveying the process by which I come up with new ideas.
I study, jot down impressions, work up a thesis, map out possibilities, and
check these possibilities against my original impressions. These ideas are
re-worked over a period of time and examined to see how they fit the "whole"
of my impressions across different theoretical musings. Also, more of what
I read, and more of what I "think", and more of what I work out influences
the final idea...which is "notated" or graphed and to which I refer when I
am considering new information. I thought "notes" was a good word to convey
this process (of notation). I am long enough out of school that I don't
automatically assume that "noting" something involves "taking notes". I am
defensive because people assume that I must have used someone elses ideas to
come up with my own...most are quite original, though.


ps...lighten up? is this a pre-requisite for memetics?


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