Re: virus: Faith, Logic and Purpose

David McFadzean (
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 10:58:01 -0700

At 09:48 AM 11/26/97 -0800, Tim Rhodes wrote:

>I was using David's statement (the one I originally replied to) which said
>something to the effect of, "Religion in whatever gives life meaning."
>That's why I think Wade might have missed the point.

I would like to amend that to read "Something is a religion if its main
purpose (or one of its main purposes) is to give meaning to the lives
of its adherents." I'm trying to include institutions like Catholicism,
Islam, Buddhism, Scientology and Virus while excluding ones like CSICOP,
the military and corporations. I recognize that the members of CSICOP
probably derive meaning from the affiliation, but I don't think that is
a main purpose of CSICOP.

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