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Marie Foster (
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 09:29:57 -0800

David McFadzean wrote:
> At 07:08 PM 11/25/97 -0500, Wade T.Smith wrote:
> >Or- what religion will take its god _out_ of reality?
> I've been meaning to bring up this up: The leader of the
> United Church (Canada's largest protestant denomination,
> and the one I was raised in) became the center of a scandal
> a few weeks ago when he publicly questioned the divinity
> of Jesus.
> Phipps ignited a firestorm last month when he
> said: "I don't believe Jesus was God;" questioned
> Christ's resurrection from the dead; the existence
> of heaven and hell, and the Bible's historical reliability.
> The comments caused an uproar in some quarters. Rev. Alan
> Schooley, minister at Calgary's Southwood United Church,
> accused Phipps of heresy and called for the moderator to
> repent or resign.
> I wouldn't be surprised if most United Church goers would
> agree with Phipps in saying that the bible is a useful metaphor
> for how to live this life. Of course the General Council can't
> accept that and they're forcing Phipps to toe the party line
> and accept the standard doctrine.
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> >Only the Church of Virus!
> Towards de-divination! (I've been reading Rorty :-)
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David, all you have to do is turn your thinking 1 degree to see how this
all falls into place.

Christ was a god... Christ was a man.
Christ was not a god... Christ was a man.

Christ was god... Christ was man.
Christ was not god... Christ was man.

What does logic bring to this?

But the most important question is not what Christ was (or the Buddha,
for that matter) but what you and I are.