virus: Spirituality-Science Compatibility

Robin Faichney (
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 09:17:18 -0000

I want to put together an Internet node promoting
the concept that spirituality and science are (at
least potentially) perfectly compatible. There
would definitely be a website, and possibly a
mailing list.

I'm not looking for debate right now, but rather
expressions of interest, and ideas for what might
be incorporated. I'm certainly open to suggestions
of a snappier name than Spirituality-Science

As a vague indication of my thinking, I see
memetics as being important, and I have a
vision of a sort of refined Buddhism along
the lines of Stephen Batchelor's Buddhism
without Beliefs (see the book of that name),
i.e. at least 99.99% dogma-free, being
practicable by a PCR-adherent with no
contradiction. But this would not be just
about my own views, and would, for instance,
provide links to any other site devoted to
compatible ideas, like CoV and PCR.

The website will initially be hung off my home page:
But be warned there is not much there of interest
as yet!

As I have no intention to do anything other
than provide a central point for the exchange of
information and ideas -- and it has a slightly
different focus, anyway -- I don't see this as
competition for CoV.

So, any comments?