RE: virus: Together or Not

Robin Faichney (
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 10:33:16 -0000

> From: Marie Foster[]
> Tim Rhodes wrote:
> > (It is the transmittable aspect of memes that makes me hesitant to
> attach
> > the "meme" label to the general phenomena of consciousness)
> Is there a risk in applying it to the general phenomena of
> consciousness?
<Consciousness> is obviously a meme. I guess the question
is, is there something to which that meme refers, as <rock>
refers to rocks? My view, FWIW: in this sort of context, we
often ask "is there something *out*there* to which this refers?"
Whatever it is, consciousness is certainly not "out there". I
contend that C transcends our habitual subjective vs objective
way of thinking, and neither exists independently of anyone's
perception (how could there be consciousness without
perception?) nor is mere illusion (how could there be an
illusion without consciousness?). We'll never understand
consciousness without *really* getting to grips with subjectivity
and objectivity first.