virus: God

Eric Boyd (
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 17:21:54 -0500


Robin wrote:
> But even for Xtianity, even
> for those who do really believe in a God, in my view
> that's just a means to an end -- and some of them will
> say so too. Not that they'll admit God *doesn't* exist --
> you may have to read between the lines of what they
> say pretty carefully. But, as far as the function of
> religion for its practicioners is concerned, the issue is
> not whether God exists, but what does believing that he
> does, buy them, and at what cost. Anyone who tells
> you otherwise is kidding you, or themselves, or both.

I have to disagree -- this flies in the face of all my experiences with
Christians. I once had a conversation with Evelyn on this very topic -- I
told her that we were just using different means to the same end; she her
God, and me my spirituality. Then she told me I was going to hell anyway.

I kept at it, though -- told her we were both looking for meaning, and

She told me the truth was that God exists, and that Jesus... blah blah

Now I admit she's a fundamentalist, but it's obvious to me that for her,
GOD HAS TO EXIST -- in material form.

She CANNOT accept the metaphor theory, or the means to an end idea -- that
DESTROYS her entire world, and everything she's ever been told.

NO -- her faith is in GOD, not in God as a means to an end.

Perhaps she's kidding herself -- if so, she's unaware of it, I'm sure.