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valerian (
Fri, 28 Nov 1997 01:39:24 -0800

>blr: List,
> The proper way to say what Anonymous says above is that the abstract is more
> significant than the specifics which are derived FROM it.
> Using the categories of children, materialists, and fatalists--and the above
> example--I see females as being unable to discern the truth to the extent
> that they are concerned with the extent that they are
> materialistic...and to the extent that they are fatalistic (and I agree that
> all of these apply to women, but are not necessarily "feminine").
> This truth, whether self or evolutionary superiority, can not
> function in an environment which is ruled by chance (mutual
>conflict) alone.

v: oooh! such sad sentiments!

My complaint about Brett Robertson

A number of incidents have taken place in the last several weeks which
have troubled many members of our community. To organize my discussion,
I suggest that we take one step back inthe causal chain and discuss the
relationship between three converging and ever-growing factions--
selfish recidivists, disruptive porn stars, and hypersensitive
calumniators. If a modern Dante were to update the Divine Comedy, he
would have to create a special circle in Hell for lousy finks who
infringe upon our most important constitutional rights. But it doesn't
stop there. There are people better equipped to cope with life than
egocentric primitive zombies. Brett Robertson is
a very abusive little man. Where did all these whiney proletariats come
from, and what are we going to do with them? Do you really want him to
make bigotry respectable? I think not. In a country like ours where
feudalism, Dadaism, and Marxism run rampant, we need laws to help
enforce behavior that ought done out of common sense, decency, and
tolerance, and that's one reason why I'm writing this letter. Anyone
willing to study and ponder my position on most
current matters will surely find that this is typical of the kind of
noise Brett enjoys making. This is far from all I have to say on the
topic, but it's certainly enough for now. Just remember one
thing: Brett Robertson has completely stepped off the deep end.

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