RE: virus: Together or Not

Robin Faichney (
Fri, 28 Nov 1997 18:26:29 -0000

> From: Wade T.Smith[]
> >> ><Consciousness> is obviously a meme.
> Well, Robin old bean- this is what is hideous. Obvious to whom?
> (Regardless of lexicon waffling....)
> First, of course, you are using two unknowns (OK, hidden variables...)
> in
> this equation....
Hey, I thought I explained this. I'm using the consensual
definition, around here, whereby all concepts are memes,
though what else besides concepts are memes is open to
debate. You can disagree with that, but it seems to me
you've been around here long enough to be aware of it
and understand it. So <consciousness> is the concept
of consciousness, as opp. the thing itself, where the
latter might or might not exist. Get it?