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Brett Lane Robertson (
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 01:47:07 -0500

>> people see religion as a female characteristic...government as male? Does
>> the idea that women seem more social and more family oriented imply that
>> government is more approriately a "feminine" persuit?
>I think in order to grasp your dicotomy I need a clearer understanding of
>the aspects you're attributing to the "male" or "female".
>-Prof. Tim

In this case, I am implying that the biological role of woman as mother/wife
seems to imply that "family" is more properly feminine: And I am assuming
that government has taken on a protective, nurturing, "familial" role. I am
not talking about a particular woman or a particular government,
really...just that organizing individuals into a group with a central
governing body might have similarities to raising a family.


ps thanks for your interest.


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