Re: virus: Hardly ever....

Marie Foster (
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 12:02:39 -0800

Wade T.Smith wrote:
> >I did say "in this context".
> You did. I thought the context was that Marie hadn't found a religion
> which attempted to explain reality, and I have so far failed to find one
> which doesn't.
> Yes- I suppose I am saying that all religions explain reality with
> illusions. I _had_ thought that was what made this, the CoV, so
> concretely different.

I remain convinced that the difference is one of perception and that our
understanding is more similiar than different. However, from my
perception CoV is the same as other religions in that regard. Perhaps
here is a place we can better understand our differences. How do you
think that CoV does not try to explain reality? (From your perspective)