Re: virus: _____ of Virus

Paul Prestopnik (
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 13:29:41 -0500

> On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Wade T.Smith wrote:
> > We're still looking for the drosophila, for the 2 Tbs of memetic baking

> > powder if you will, and you keep telling us to smell the bakery....
> I think the vaudun religion (voodoo) may make a good example. I'll let
> you know after I finish more reading on the history of Haiti.
> -Prof. Tim
That's a great idea. I had read some on voodoo, it is a mix of other
religions, therefore you could see how the fitter parts of the other
meme-complexes defeated each other, and produced a "stronger" strain, at
least for that environment. Man that is a good idea, I wish I had thought
of it.