Re: virus: Saints

Sodom (
Mon, 01 Dec 1997 15:43:29 -0500

Paul Prestopnik wrote:

> > Sodom Wrote:
> > Hey, I think Bertrand Russle should be one of our saints.

> the only writings of Russel I have read was a chapter entitled "the
> problem
> with evil" or something close. But it was pretty good, he seemed to
> have a
> clear way of expressing ideas, and a rational viewpoint.
> I guess my question is what does it take to be cannonized??
> Last I checked our only saint was Darwin, that seems a pretty obvious
> choice, but beyond that some criteria would be helpful. Does the
> saint-to-be have to be dead? Work done in meme's, or just something
> related, or maybe a foot ladder for memes?

It seems to me that to be considered a Virian Saint, all you
mentioned is good.

1. They should be dead, but I'm not opposed to living Saints other than
they may become psycho's after we select them.
2. They should have spent a lot of time examining and publishing works
related to mems, or thought processes.
3. They should be Atheists or Agnostics
4. They should be male (Just kidding, put that there for valerian - I
like to push butons!)
5. They should have overwhelming CoV support

What do you think?