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Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 20:48:56 -0000
From: Robin Faichney <>
Subject: RE: virus: Spirituality-Science Compatibility

> What I *am* looking for, from people here
> among others, are ideas for (a) links to related sites,
> (b) what I might write about, and (c) (probably most
> importantly) how I might change and expand my own
> ideas. If you'd like to influence the contents of
> the site, you'll have to influence me!

(a) Are you interested in my book mark file?
I've got maybe 400 bookmarks, mostly on "spiritual"
matters to do with Christianity. Even I've
forgotten the content of most of them, but
this I know: when I read them, they were good!

heck, I'll just put it up on my page for you:

The ones you'll be interested in are in the bottom
half, because that's when I became interested
in all this stuff.

(b) I have several good ideas which I've been
meaning to develop... I'll pass them to you,
and it will be fun to see how we differ:

1) You've probably heard that song "One of Us"
by Joan Osborne. The lyrics are quite good.
One of the questions she asks is this: "What
would you ask if you had just one question?"
(of course, you are asking God) I thought
about it -- what would you ask an omniscient
being? The question, really, is what is the
most important question? I know what I'd do.
I'm curious to see what others think.

2) A similar thing I thought about is a standard
interview question: "If you had to pick just ONE
WORD to describe yourself to others, what would
that word be?" It's one of those deep questions,
which prompts much inspection of yourself. A
good spiritual question.

3) The definition of God is good topic.
I think it was at the Agnostic Church that
I first ran across the idea that our definition
of God can be anything we want -- and that
thus God's existence depends our ability to
define God rationally. What is God?

(c) There are many ways to expand your own
ideas. Right now, I'm just basically
absorbing as much information as I can.
Read, read, read. I'm looking forward to
the coming two weeks off -- some time to
sit down and update my web page. (I've got
a totally new design idea)
Additionally, I've got an enormous collection
of quotations from various people that I
thought were good -- it's posted at

It is (mostly) categorized, so you'll
know where to look.

Next time I update that file, it'll be in
pieces, because it's simply too big!

Another way, of course, is the mystic's way:
look into yourself, practice meditation, etc.
Having never seriously tried this, I can't
vouch for it, of course.

Keep me updated,