Re: virus: Synthesis web site/list

Marie Foster (
Tue, 02 Dec 1997 08:30:23 -0800

Robin Faichney wrote:
> Sorry to those who expressed interest, and to David who's
> been trying to help, but I've decided this is going to have
> to go on hold for now. I simply don't have the time at the
> moment. But I should be able to put something together
> over the holidays, and also will probably have much more
> time after early February, so watch this space!
> Robin

Ah... the time crunch... How well I know it. My web page suffers from
me never having the time to learn what I need to further develop it.

The one thing good is my Grandfather's diary. I transcribed it and it
is a faithful replication of the content.

This is my most valuable possession. There are links to it from several
history sites. And I get lots of good comments about it. If anyone
wants to know what growing up was like after the civil war in this
country. This is one true story.