Re: virus: Saints

Marie Foster (
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 11:32:59 -0800

Casper K. Clausen wrote:
> If you can argue against requiring reproducibility, I'd be very interested
> to hear it. And I'll be listening with an open mind.
> Regards,
> Kvan.

In your response you mentioned that you find atheism more compelling.
For me, the idea that all of what we see came from *nothing* seems to
lack anything to compell it. I have followed physics for my lifetime
and I have come to see it as the search for this *nothing*. However,
where ever we look, we find *something*. (I have said this before.)

I am not trying to convince anyone that *god* exists. This is something
entirely personal. To me *god* is the mystery. To me the fact that we
can use our gifts to uncover more of that mystery is proof enough.

All I ask is that you grant that my decision to be a theist is based on
my reasoning, and my heart and let it go at that. I grant you the
same. To me that is common ground.

What I get tired of is the perception that I am stupid or deluded or
whatever. I love science. I have studied science all my life. What I
do not like is non-scientists using science as as shield to mask their
own intolerance.

The history of science has been something like a continual division into
more and more discrete parts. To me that has turned around with quantum
theory. Now as I read, I learn that more and more connections are being
found between what we formerly thought were separate.

Just remember that we are very incapable of seeing our own traps to
understanding. Look for the wonder. Tell me what you see. That is how
we can come to understand each other.