Re: virus: Saints

rpc man (
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 13:20:45 PST

>OK this is an argument that we can run circles around all day and
>neither will win. Your idea of god is what is the matter here not

I don't have an idea of god. Perhaps if you explained how your god is
rational it will make sense to me as to why a universe without beginning
is not rational but a god to create it is.

>I do not need to explain.

Yes, you do if you want me to accept your argument that something coming
from nothing is irrational but god is rational.

>No matter. What I find so offensive is the self
>centeredness of the atheist belief. And it is belief - faith.

No, faith is belief in something for which we have no evidence. I don't
believe in anything for which we have no evidence.

>Join the flat earthers

Why? They aren't basing their beliefs on evidence.

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