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Robin Faichney (
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 09:55:12 -0000

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> Maybe if the Dali Llama ditched the Buddhist reincarnation doctrine
> (he's
> the fourteenth you know) he might be on his way to true Virian
> philosophy.
He's said that if science ever comes up with solid
evidence against it, it will have to be dropped.

He's also said that if a machine with all the
appropriate facilities could ever be designed and
built, then there's no reason why someone
couldn't reincarnate into it.

But it's Dalai Lama, not Dali Llama -- the latter is a
surrealist S. American ruminant kept as a beast of
burden and for its soft woolly fleece, and that
dictionary on CDROM was definately a good buy.

> (I would nominate him on general cuteness principles).
I'll second that. :-)