virus: The _____ of Virus?

Reed Konsler (
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 23:36:56 +0100

>Finally, to cap this ramble, atheism needs no priests, or saints.
>To me, this is enough.
>This marvel of non-administration is sufficient to satisfy me of its truth.
>The questioning mind sees through the one-way mirror of theism.

> Wade T. Smith

I might argue that rational thinking needs no churches, no doctrine,
and no sins or virtues. And yet this is THE CHURCH OF VIRUS
and that juxtaposition of seemingly contradictory elements leads
to this question:

What is the nature of a Viron


And so on. We don't need "saints" of rationality...but we don't need
"churches" of rationality either. If you don't think this game is
neccesary, why do you keep playing?


Reed Konsler