Re: virus: Saints

Sodom (
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 09:57:33 -0500 wrote:

> Sainthood might be one of the largest
> bandwidths on which to spread the word.
> one:Did you hear about that new church?
> two:Not yet, what do they belive?
> one:I'm not sure, but they named Darwin as one of thier saints.
> How could you pack more information into a single statement?
> We can also use saints as harmonizing agents. We include in the list
> of
> saints a bunch of writers and whatnot who, while not personally
> paragons
> of CoV virtue, have given us most of our ideas. With this kind of
> background information, understanding difficult concepts will be much
> easier.
> Corey Cook

Excellent perspective, I like it alot and I think the benefits
mentioned here could be big ones.We need some music to put some of their
writings to.