Re: virus: E-Mail Thought Contaigion

Paul Prestopnik (
Fri, 5 Dec 1997 10:35:49 -0500

> Or, how about a memetic "joke". We can write a joke about memetics, post
> to several joke lists (or send it to friends) and then report back on
> whether it shows up in our email again?!?!
> ps...A memeticist and a geneticist were in a plane which was about to
> There was only one parachute. The geneticist said "My genes must
survive, I
> should be the one who gets the chute." The memeticist said "OK, but
> jump until MY life flashes before your eyes."

thats a good idea, curiosity is a trait that is possesed by most people.
Tell a joke and mention that if they do not get the joke they me be
interested in learning more. This would probably work better if we a
couple jokes, some that they mght understand just from our letter, and some
a little deeper. I don't think I had ever heard amemetics joke before, but
I'll try to think of some. (or adapt some.)