virus: Email Meme

Brett Lane Robertson (
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 01:27:03 -0500

>This is a unique demonstration of a meme. Our* ideal is to replicate the
mechanical process of a meme. *Your* job is to reproduce the process--AND
YOU CAN ADD YOUR OWN "PRODUCT". Your message will be included according to
your standards. In quantity! With quality! To Your satisfaction and with
the greatest possible effect!

>Just place your own message below the line where it says <your message
here> leaving everything above <your message here> unchanged and forward to
several friends. (Or leave the entire message unchanged and forward
anyway...but keep in the address line so we can compare
and contrast the similarities and differences between the original <message>
and the "copies").

><your message here>

>*Virus is a collection of mutually-supporting ideas (a meme-complex)
encompassing philosophy, science, technology, politics, and religion. The
core ideas are based on evolution and memetics because one of the primary
design goals was survivability through adaptation (religions die, not
because they grow old, but because they become obsolete). If a new religion
is designed around the premise of continuously integrating better (more
accurate, more useful) concepts while ensuring the survival of its
believers, it could conceivably achieve true immortality.


Politics is like coaching a football team. You have to be
smart enough to understand the game but not smart enough to
lose interest.