Re: virus: God

Paul Prestopnik (
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 08:37:27 -0500

> marie wrote:
> > Eric... I do not have ANY problem with proof. I have asked
> > here a number of times of different individuals as to what
> > proof they would need? So far none has responded. Perhaps
I can't remember who said this, but "belief in a miracle is only rational
when it is more likely than any other possibility." I can't remember who
said that, and I probably butchered it, but that is about it. When, due to
events I witness, it seems more likely that there is a God, than any other
alternative, then I would believe. I doubt this is what you wanted, since
it is still awfully subjective, so maybe if I had personal communication
and was able to verify that I wasn't hallucinating (divination,
conjuration, etc.).

> > be the problem in understanding. (BTW all the proof I need
> > is 65 AND 14. I will let you sort that out.)
hmm, most people have guessed ages, so let me try something else.
uhh, oxygen and europium ?
your winning roulette numbers, wispered to you by God?
Score to some unbelievable sporting event, where the underdogs must have
had God on there side to actually win?
I can't think of anything else..

-paul prestopnik