RE: virus: Limiting

Wade T.Smith (
Wed, 10 Dec 97 09:46:28 -0500

>My point being, if you're not trying to convert anyone, why
>should you produce anything they would accept as proof?


Yes, I am used, as ugly as it is, to being attacked in a prosyletizing
way by anti-atheists....

And you're right, since I tend to ask for some proof or evidence or
reason for a position, I am also used to getting it supplied, and view
the reluctance to supply same as evasion.

Then again, as a skeptic and an atheist, I also consider the lack of
acceptance of the evidence that deities are bogus to be a blindness. The
endless history and parade of deities and frauds and hoaxes and such seem
undeniable to me.

There is a question remaining- is not conversion part of any believer's
agenda? Is it part of a non-believer's?

Wade T. Smith