virus: Science/Spirituality union

Eric Boyd (
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 06:37:31 -0500


In all the talk recently here about a scientific spirituality mix, I
totally forgot about a discovery I made a long time back... Scientific

Or you can hit the upper level page, where the really quick intro resides,
along with a large list of related links:

You should be very interested in this material, Marie -- in fact, you are
probably already aware of it, unless I miss my mark...



is the belief that the universe is divine and nature is sacred.
It fuses religion and science, and concern for
humans with concern for nature.
It provides the most solid basis for environmental ethics.
It is a religion that requires no faith other than common sense,
no revelation other than open eyes and a mind open to evidence,
no guru other than your own self.


... can we nominate meme's to saint hood?
I want to nominate the God meme!